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Application Process

We aim to expand our reach to more families in the Chicagoland area and are committed to extending our support as far as our resources allow. Currently, we are only accepting applications from social workers on behalf of their patients, specifically from the Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, IL. If you would like to submit an application, email us at with your social worker's information (name, email, phone number, and hospital).


Assistance will be considered to applicants who meet the criteria below. Please allow up to eight weeks for the foundation to process the application. Assistance will be provided based on the applicant’s needs and the foundation board’s discretion. Because the Finley Forever Foundation is a local non-profit organization that relies on donations, our budget can change at any given time which plays a part in how we provide assistance.

Please check the
Frequently Asked Questions below for more information.


Applicant Criteria

  • The applicant should reside within 40 miles of Chicago’s 60655 zip code.

  • The applicant should be 18 years old or younger.

  • The applicant should meet one of the following:

    • Applicant is currently in treatment for neuroblastoma.

    • Applicant’s treatment for neuroblastoma is completed, in which case we can provide assistance for one year after the completion date.

    • Applicant is still being treated for any long-term side effects caused by neuroblastoma treatment or neuroblastoma itself. Such side effects can include being wheelchair-bound, participating in physical therapy, or getting speech therapy.

  • The applicant’s health care provider (physician, nurse, social worker) may need to sign the application and/or provide a letter of current treatment status up request of the foundation board.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply for financial assistance from the Finley Forever Foundation?
    We currently receive applications from social worker referral at Lurie Children’s Hospital. Contact your social worker for a referral. If you are receiving treatment somewhere else located in the Chicago area, contact us by email or the contact us form. We will be happy to work with your hospital.
  • What are the eligibility criteria for receiving support from the foundation?
    To review the eligibility criteria, please check the Applicant Criteria section above.
  • How long does the application process take?
    After submission, the application process can take anywhere from two to eight weeks.
  • Can I apply for assistance if my child is receiving treatment at a different hospital?
    Yes. Please contact us through email or the contact form for more information. We would love to spread our assistance to more hospitals!
  • What types of financial assistance does the foundation provide?
    The primary form of our financial support entails issuing a check directly to the parent(s). We prioritize granting families the freedom to decide how to utilize the assistance we provide. They can allocate it towards expenses, such as bills, or opt for enjoyable experiences with their loved ones, like visiting a theme park or engaging in activities that bring joy to their child, all without the burden of battling cancer.
  • Can the foundation assist with non-medical expenses related to the cancer journey?
    Absolutely. In fact, we actively promote the idea of families utilizing the funds to create meaningful moments with their children. Whether it involves planning a relaxing "staycation" or indulging in a shopping day, the decision on how to allocate the funds is entirely in the hands of the family. We firmly believe in empowering them to make choices that enhance their quality of time spent together.
  • How can I nominate a family for assistance from the Finley Forever Foundation?
    To start, please complete the contact form or send us an email, and we will take it from there.
  • What services and resources does the foundation offer to children and families battling cancer?
    While we do not offer specific services/resources, we do work closely with other NFP organizations. We do our best to help each recipient specifically to their needs.
  • How does the foundation work with medical professionals and hospitals in providing assistance?
    At present, our collaboration is exclusively with Lurie Children's Hospital. We maintain a close partnership with their social workers to extend assistance based on their referrals. As we progress, our goal is to expand our reach to other nearby hospitals in the future, as our capacity allows.
  • How does the foundation ensure the confidentiality and privacy of the families it supports?
    Our foundation is committed to providing assistance by not invading the privacy of the family. We will be involved (or not involved) as much as the family chooses. We always ask for permission before sharing stories on our social media outlets. Our application also asks for permission to speak to your social workers or medical professionals. In the event that we do speak with them, it is only for more information on how we can help, and to confirm a diagnosis.
  • What impact has the foundation made in the lives of children and families it has supported?
    The Finley Forever Foundation has made a significant impact in the lives of children and families we have supported by providing crucial support to young oncology patients and their families undergoing stem cell transplants, donating comforting Stem Cell Kits filled with goodies and gift cards, and hosting annual events like Finley Fest and the Lights & Ladders Brigade. Through our efforts, we have brought comfort, joy, and financial assistance to local families in the Chicago area affected by cancer, offering a meaningful and positive impact during their challenging times.

Additional Resources

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Tom Hopkins Foundation

A nonprofit that strives to keep Papa Hops’ spirit alive by providing support to local youth athletics & assisting local families who have been affected by cancer.

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Christmas Without Cancer

A nonprofit organization that provides holiday gifts, as well as basic necessities to local families that are stricken with cancer.

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