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What You Need to Know About Pediatric Cancer

Cancer is a significant health issue affecting children worldwide, with approximately 400,000 new cases emerging each year. In the United States alone, it is projected that around 9,910 children under the age of 15 will receive a cancer diagnosis in 2023. Among children aged 1 to 14, cancer stands as the second leading cause of death after accidents.

The specific treatment approach for pediatric cancer varies depending on the type of cancer diagnosed. Treatment options may encompass surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and sometimes immunotherapy. In certain cases, a patient may undergo a combination of these treatments.

How We Make a Difference

We provide financial support to families battling cancer, donate Stem Cell Courage Kits full of goodies, and spread holiday cheer by decorating houses during the Lights & Ladders Brigade.






Stem Cell Courage

Kits Distributed


Meet the Finley Forever Kids

Step into the world of inspiration and strength as you meet these remarkable kids whose spirits shine brightly through their battles with pediatric cancer. 


Against all odds, Kaylee's relentless spirit shines through her battle with pediatric cancer. Experience the unwavering support and love provided by the Finley Forever Foundation, as Kaylee and her family find strength in a community that truly understands.


From the devastating diagnosis to the difficult choice of amputation, witness Keshawn's extraordinary journey as he defies limitations and embraces life on his terms. The story of a remarkable collaboration that swore to ensure Keshawn's resilience knows no bounds.

Heartfelt Parent Testimonials

Join us as we delve into the heartfelt testimonials of parents who graciously open their hearts to share their stories. Discover the profound impact of the Finley Forever Foundation and the unwavering support that has touched their lives with love, strength, and unbreakable bonds.

Unyielding Support: Brendan's Journey
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“Finley Forever has been an absolute blessing for our beloved Brendan. Even before launching her foundation, Lacey's compassionate outreach showed us the genuine care and understanding she had, as Finley herself battled the same neuroblastoma that Brendan faced. With invaluable knowledge about cancer and Brendan's treatment journey, Finley Forever has truly transformed our lives by generously assisting us with bills and providing much-needed gift cards for gas and comforting cups of coffee. The sheer joy on Brendan's face as the Lights and Ladders Brigade adorned our home remains etched in our hearts, and despite the heart-wrenching relapse, we were humbled to witness the incredible support of having our home decorated twice. This remarkable organization will forever hold a special place in our hearts as we remain forever grateful for their unwavering presence in our lives.”


- Tim B (Brendan's parent)


Join Us in Making a Difference

You have the incredible opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of pediatric cancer patients and their families. By supporting the Finley Forever Foundation through your generous donation, you provide crucial financial assistance that allows these families to prioritize healing rather than worrying about financial burdens. Additionally, you can help create cherished memories by participating in our Lights & Ladders Brigade, where we transform homes into enchanting wonderlands during the holiday season. Your contribution can also bring comfort to children undergoing stem cell transplants through our Stem Cell Courage Kits and ensure that the dedicated hospital staff never runs out of coffee. And if you're looking to have a hands-on impact, consider volunteering with us. Join us today in bringing hope, joy, and unwavering support to those bravely battling pediatric cancer.


Together, we can make a difference that truly matters.

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